Saturday, April 30, 2011

ipad Shuffle Adventure

This adventure video is the Official entry for Jehzlau-Concepts’ Im Giving Away an Ipad this April! Contest, Sponsored by SherWeb - the #1 hosted exchange provider.

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What will you do if something strange happen while you’re sleeping?

What will you expect when an object just fell down from somewhere?

Expect the unexpected.

It’s midnight and the clock is ticking. Strange object just fell down in front of Vincreations house out of nowhere. When he happens to see what’s inside the box(an iPad). He was warped into a familiar place and there his adventure begins. Stunned at the first place, he tries to manage to adjust himself to the environment, thinking why does the iPad transport him to this place, soon he will realize his purpose why he’s here. What will he be doing in this place? What does the iPad want him to understand in this adventure?

Another teleportation, another event, another realization... But wait a minute? Was this all just a dream? Isn’t it for real?


iPad Shuffle Adventure is created by Vincreations in collaboration with Yojisoka.

An Epic Video Film showing few out of thousand things that you can do with an iPad. Having such an incredible gadget, you must not only think about its own that you may use, like in gaming, music, videos and browsing. It’s basically obvious that you can do those things in iPad because it is one of its features. A very common thing about iPad, but a very amazing innovations from the other gadgets. It’s being user friendly makes it more outstanding.

Another thing you must also consider are the thing you can do with an iPad. It’s called maximizing the power of your gadget. That is also why this gadget is so great. Aside from its pre-installed applications, you can find much more application in its stores (the iTune store, the Apps store and the iBook store) from the internet. Those are not just a simple application but a very useful applications you can’t imagine that you can really do such things with the iPad.

It’s really amazing to have this kind of gadget, but what makes more astonishing when you can do amazing things with this kind of gadget.

Vincreations would like to thank Jehzlau-Concept for giving us the chance to join this contest and to SherWeb – the #1 hosted exchange provider, for making this thing possible.

To God Be The Glory


  1. naaaks.. xD
    hope you'll win. :D

  2. at may comics ka pa! hehehehe.. nice entry! malapit na malalaman sino ang winnurrrr! :D

    thanks for joining! ^_^

  3. ngayon ko lng natapos ang 14-minute video mo.. awesome!!! :D

  4. haha salamat po sa pag watch sna nagenjoy kayo.. thanks po sa inyo at sa sherweb para sa opportunity na binigay saken. til next contest po. GODBLESS